December 27, 2017

Engine Diagnostics

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Car Engine Diagnostics Maidstone

Modern car engines contain a built-in computer called an Engine Control Unit which continually monitors performance. Sensors on your vehicle identify problems like low fluid levels which illuminates the relevant  dashboard warning light.

The Engine Control Unit creates an error code and an engine diagnostics check is needed to understand the exact nature of the problem.

Our Engine Diagnostic Service in Maidstone

Modern engines are complex and require sophisticated tools to diagnose problems.

Our engine diagnostics equipment is suitable for all makes and models of cars and vans. We can quickly check your engine’s performance and identify what needs fixing before it becomes a major fault.

We have over 40 years experience in the motor trade and our trusted by our customers for our honesty and integrity.

Engine Repairs and Rebuilds

We can carry out all types of engine repairs and rebuilds and all parts and labour are guaranteed.

We provide a complete range of garage services including car repairs, servicing and classic car restoration, repair and servicing.

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